The scope of this seminar series is to closely connect the Canadian ultrafast community over 6 time zones and 5000 km. You can see this community in this map.

The series was inspired during an ALLS (Advanced Laser Light Source) workshop in March 2021.

Happening on a monthly basis, these seminars will cover ultrafast phenomena and their applications. These include (and are not limited to) extreme photonics in the X-ray spectral range, ultrafast dynamics in quantum materials, THz science and technology, molecular movies of chemical reactions, particle acceleration or developments leading to future technologies.

Seminars are open to everyone who likes to attend, please register below.

Each seminar features one keynote and one invited speaker followed by a 1 hour gathering on the gather.town platform where you can discover scientific posters and discuss at company booths.

Upcoming seminar : June 25th, 2024

THz applications

10:30 Vancouver – 11:30 Edmonton – 12:30 Winnipeg – 13:30 Montreal – 14:30 Halifax


Matt Reid

University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada 

Introduction to Industrial Applications of Terahertz Science and Technology

Abstract: The NSERC CREATE TrUST educational program is dedicated to ultrafast and THz optics and related phenomena.  The growth of THz technology to bridge the gap between microwave and infrared frequencies has seen an exponential rise in applications appearing in the literature over the last few decades.  The seminar will aim to put into perspective those aspects of the technology that enable interesting new applications and also those that pose challenges for industry adoption of the technology.  A selection of applications that highlight the potential for the technology will be reviewed, followed by a discussion of some applications already being used in industry settings to set the stage for where the technology is at present, and what future directions seem promising.



Seth Lowry

University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada 

Single Pixel Imaging


gather.town virtual conference site

After the two seminars given over zoom we gather at our virtual conference site to discover poster presentations, exchange with companies at their booths, meet in small groups, discuss in private rooms, have a drink in the bar (BYO) or hang out on the beach.

In this platform every user walks around with a little avatar (using arrow keys). To interact with yellow highlighted objects such as posters one has to press the ā€˜xā€™ key. And if you are in a very good mood you can press ā€˜zā€™ and see what happens.

Looking forward to meeting with you there in a more real virtual world!

The link is available upon registration.

For now, gather.town works best on windows PCs. There is a beta version for Safari that might work, no tablet / phone support yet. Should you have difficulties, try using a different browser.